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Valuing Painting Employees as Partners

Part of valuing your employees as partners and treating them as partners is really valuing their feedback. Yes, you want to give them the highest pay that you possibly can. Yes, you want to have types of financial incentive, 401K plans, and other benefits you could provide. There are a lot of different ways to financially make someone feel valued. But listening to employees and really welcoming their feedback is often overlooked. It’s important to have a system in place that allows your painting team to fill out a simple comment card and mail it to your office anonymously, so they can offer constructive criticism which will help the company run smoother and help you be a better manager. If you can cultivate a workplace that’s actively saying “I want to hear your feedback and I really want to know what you think about what we are doing as a team”, that’s when you are really showing your employees that you value them as partners.

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