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  1. You get complete marketing management for your painting business – 18 advertising features, 13 more than any other provider. Get the “most bang for your buck.”
  2. Save time with our Dedicated Webmasters. Spend more time working in your painting business or simply leave your office early and let us do all your website and marketing maintenance.
  3. You choose from 500+ professional, ready-to-go website designs (400 more designs than any other provider). With PainterMarketingTool you never have to pay for a web designer again.
  4. Demonstrate your expertise with 100’s of printed pages of website copy and articles written by nationally-recognized painting contractors. Other providers make you pay extra for more articles, FAQs, and customer service guides, but with PainterMarketingTool everything is included.
  5. You get a proven system for using direct mail marketing to become the leading painter in target neighborhoods. You learn which demographic information is most important in buying your list. You will get copywriting and design services that work in letters and postcards. You receive wholesale pricing by purchasing direct mail through our network.
  6. You obtain a proven system focused on when and how to target additional homes near your current job sites. You leverage each landed job to generate the maximum number of new proximity leads.
  7. You get the best pricing in the country on job signs and truck magnets.
  8. You receive professional AdWords PPC Management. You get an initial assessment outlining which keywords you should be targeting. We implement a structured plan of “A/B” Testing and regular campaign adjustments to maximize your CTR (Click-through Rate). You get progress reports showing current results along with recommendations to improve PPC efficiency.
  9. You get a powerful cross-marketing system that allows you to team up with complimentary local businesses to generate new leads at a low cost. You have a system in place that gets local real estate agents, property managers and complimentary contractors recommending your services.
  10. You learn how to use every tool at your disposal from your crew, vehicles, job signs, doorknob hangers, in-house direct mail, craigslist and local students to make sure that you are the first painting contractor everyone thinks to call in your market.
  11. Our past customers receive email newsletters that are relevant to them. You will not brainstorm ideas, write articles or pay office staff to produce a “mediocre” email. You will have the best email newsletter in your area. Relax, we do it all for you!
  12. You get a direct mail system that helps you effortlessly tap into your personal and professional networks to increase business. You benefit from all your associations – from your local chamber of commerce to your collegiate alumni network.
  13. You get a MAP explaining in detail how to allocate your advertising dollars. We analyze real-time lead tracking to determine what worked and what didn’t and we give you a “no-nonsense” approach to spending your marketing budget.
  14. You get real-time tracking for every lead that enters your office. This means you know exactly which advertising campaign prompted each customer to contact you. With precise knowledge of what is working and what isn’t, you will make decisions that guarantee the future success of your company.
  15. You will have new articles posted to your website, Facebook and Twitter accounts without having to hire additional office staff. Your company will take on a “living” online presence. Your past customers will find relevance in re-visiting your website and your potential clients will see you as the expert in the industry.
  16. PainterMarketingTool was designed by painting contractors for painting contractors. Since we have contractors on staff, we have an exceptionally high understanding of what residential painters need. Our primary focus is providing painting contractors with websites and marketing systems that pay for themselves while not taking up a lot of your time.
  17. This is all we do. We focus 100% of our efforts on creating profitable “full-service” websites and marketing systems for residential painting contractors.
  18. We’ve been doing it longer. Founded in 2002, we were the first provider of websites specifically for residential painters.
  19. Our service is reasonably priced. When you consider all we offer, our plans are a superior value.

Bonus: We are 100% U.S. based. You work with friendly, professional New Englanders.

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