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Setting Up a Painter Hiring System

A hiring pipeline is an important part of the recruiting process for your painting business. You always want to have a system for everything you do. The way to kick off your hiring system is by having a real honest conversation with a potential employee. You want to sit down with them and find out what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are, what their hopes are, what their fears are. You want to get to know them as much as possible.

This kicks off the process of building a database of potential painters and painting crew leaders. It also brings them into your hiring pipeline. I don’t recommend hiring fast. I recommend bringing people thorough different steps and starting to know them. When you are in the process of hiring someone, frequency of interaction is important. Consider the number of times you meet with them along with the different things you are trying to accomplish every time you meet. Whether it’s having the painter take a skill test, or having them take a drug test and do a background check. These are all separate things that can be done at different times in order for you to gauge how reliable someone is. You can also get an idea of how interested they are in actually working with you.

Another important process that most painting contractors miss is continuing to follow up with potential employees. You should continue contacting them and stay in communication, even if you don’t necessarily hire them right now. It’s good to stay in contact with them in case a future position arises.

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