Free Strategy Session For Painting Contractors

Painter Skills Training

Developing a skill training program for painters is tricky. A lot of painting contractors that I talked to have a mindset that says “I can’t train skills in the classroom so I am just going to avoid skill training completely. They are just going to learn in the field.” There is some truth to that mentality. Most of your learning is going to come from experience and physically doing the work. However, there is value to having skill training program in place. When you have meetings in a classroom setting with your painting crew leaders, you have an opportunity. You have a group of experienced professionals in one location that know their trade. If you engage them in the process and have a community discussion about best practices for painters, your crew leaders will be talking to other painters and other crew leaders about their best practices. Ultimately they are going to be teaching, other people will be learning and everyone is will be engaged in the training process. This is why it’s important to have a systematic training system in place that happens in the classroom and in the field.

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