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Negotiating Painting Projects Pricing with Your Customers

At your sales appointment, talking about pricing and getting it beneficial to both parties is crucial. There are three key ways to do this. First you give your customer and rough estimate. You discuss budget with them even before you put together a final detailed quote. So you’re trying to gauge what it might cost to get a reaction from the customer. Let’s say the painting project looks like it’s going to be in the 8-9-thousand-dollar range. You will immediately get some type of response from the customer. They might say “that’s exactly what I thought”, or they might say “I have other bids that are in that range”, or they’ll say “I thought it was going to be 2 thousand dollars.” This is all really powerful information. The sooner you’re able to talk about price, the better. What some painting contractors do that’s a major mistake is never even giving a rough estimate while you’re meeting them in person – the contractor just emails a final estimate after the fact. That makes it almost impossible for you to land the job and is not the way to go. You also want to ask for the business. Once you’ve estimated the job, discussed price, and talked about your painting process you need to ask the simple question: “do you want me to put you in our job schedule?”. Or you can phrase the question like: “do you want me to put you in our production schedule”, or “would you like to sign up.” If you’re not asking that question you are not doing your job.

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