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How Painting Contractors Can Handle Incoming Sales Leads

Answering the phone is something that many painting contractors struggle with. Do they want someone to call their business and have it go to a voicemail, do they have someone call their business and have it go to their cell phone number, does it go to an office with dedicated stuff answering the phone or does it go to an answering service.

There are a lot of different ways to handle incoming phone calls. I don’t think there is one absolute right way of handling this, but there are certainly best practices. One thing you should strive for is to stand out from your competitors. Try to create a greeting that is different from your competitors. Whichever resource you use to answer calls, make sure it’s not an answering machine. So it could be an answering service or in house staff, but you really want it to be answered live.

Another consideration to take into account is the next step after the initial call. What do you want to have happen after you have a potential clients’ contact information? We like to have an Account Manager talk in depth with the potential customer about their painting project and we don’t think the person answering the phone is necessary the right person to always respond to client with pricing details.

So there are a lot of factors to take into consideration when deciding how to setup your phone lead generation system. It’s very important because it’s the first point of contact with your potential customer.

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