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How Painters Can Properly Follow Up with Leads

Following up with customers is the most neglected practice for most painting contractors. What do I mean by this? The follow-up process actually starts when you first estimate the job with the customer. Once you’ve discussed the process and the price, ask them “would you like me to add your job to my project schedule?” This is the first follow-up with your client. You want to continue following up in a systematic way. There are four ways you can contact a customer and follow up with them. In person, via email, snail mail or by phone. Try to use a combination of these contact methods in an organized calendared system. This helps ensure that you are answering questions your customers may have and making sure you are finding out if they want to hire you. If they do not choose your company, ask them why they made that decision so you can improve your systems and improve future proposals. Having an automated system that operates and follow ups the same way every time is the key to becoming fluent at following-up with potential customers.

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