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Getting The Most Out of Your Painting Contractor Website

One thing you should definitely have on your website is a free report that gives the customer more information about what they should look for when hiring a painting contractor. This will help you capture this potential customers email. Another thing that will happen is you are going to cement yourself as the expert in your marketplace by providing great information.

Testimonials are also very important. When people visit our website I find that the testimonial section is the most frequently visited page. It is also the section that they spend the most time on. So I like to have different types of testimonials available. I like to have typed testimonials and photo copies or PDFs of actual handwritten testimonials that our past customers have written for us. I also like to have links to all the major online reviews weíve received – whether itís your Google Plus page or your Facebook page, Yelp, Angie`s list, or any other major review outlet. So that someone interested in your painting services can learn about your companiesí reputation. I think that is so important. So testimonials are a key part of your website.

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