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Completing Painting Jobs & Getting Paid

Finishing strong is hard to do in the painting business because everything is very visual. You may consider a job done, your crew may consider a job done but if the customer hasn’t paid you the final payment, they don’t consider the job done. So the way to get paid is to schedule a formal post-job meeting.

There are three main elements to this meeting. One is a punch list and performing touch-ups. You’ll want to have your crew leader there with the homeowner at a specified time so they can double check everything and compare work completed to the scope of work. The second thing you want to do is make sure they already have final invoice in hand. So your office staff has to make sure this invoice has been emailed in advance. The third thing to do is set the stage for your future relationship with the customer. That means labeling leftover paint, talking to them about your specific warranty system, and making it simple for them to contact you in the future if they have a problem. This is important because it puts the customers’ mind at ease and it lets them know you are not going anywhere. You are not running away from the job you just completed. You finished the job and you expect to get paid but you are always there to support the job and fix anything that may arise in the future. These are the three things to finish strong on your job sites.

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