Free Strategy Session For Painting Contractors


When I started in business I had a secretary, early on, the second year in business. She actually came to me and said to me this project form that we have is better than what everyone else is using. Why do I need to improve it? I immediately realized that the way our mindsets were and how we approached our business were completely different. My mindset was that I need to constantly improve everything that we are doing. Constant and never ending improvement is a way of life for my painting business. It means that when we answer the phone, we can always improve how we answer the phone. It means when we set a pre-job meeting and execute a pre-job meeting, we could always improve the pre-job meeting process.

In every single point of contact with the customer, there can always be some improvement. Every detail is always open for improvement. The fact that we already do it better than most of our competitors in our marketplace is not an excuse to become complacent. So having the mindset that says I have to constantly improve is something that is good personally for yourself as an individual and as a business owner. But it’s also integral for your business because as a painting contractor there is 10 or 20 new painting businesses being born every day in your local marketplace.

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