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Benefits of Community Service

Community service is talked about often. Sometimes the relevance of community service is not really central to your business plan. When customers ask me about my painting business and what separates us from other companies, I like to talk about the three Cís. The first C is communication with the customer. The second C is craftsmanship, which is our actual product. The third C is community service. I think in order to make community service relevant for your company you have to involve everyone in your company. You have to get ideas from painters in your company. You have to do certain activities as a team so that you are building your culture from within.

There is a lot of different opportunities you can utilize for community service. You can go to a local food pantry, raise money, paint a house for habitat, or paint a house for yourself, for free, for the community. I think the most important thing that you have to do is involve your team. You have to sit around the table and ask everyone what painting projects they would like to take on. When you do this the service really becomes part of your companyís culture.

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