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The Art of Estimating a Painting Project

The estimate portion of the sales process is when you meet a customer and discuss the scope of the project. You want to come well-prepared to the actual sales meeting. You’ll need to actually come up with a price for the job. The price you want to charge for the painting work will be the estimate. You are estimating the labor and material cost to paint the customers’ property the way that they want it. The estimate is an opportunity to really show the customer how professional and knowledgeable you are. So you need to really take the time to explain your painting process and show them you are interested in gaining their business. For example, for an exterior painting job you are scrutinizing the surface, directly observing peeling paint (looking at it, feeling it and peeling a piece of paint back, looking at the back of the chip, etc.). Make sure you doing those simple tasks. Don’t just stand 20 feet away from the house and take your measurements. Talk about the best products and processes to use to complete the project. Don’t go on your own and try to run the math. It’s a show. You should be putting on a show. The more detailed you are with estimating and the more you show interest in the physical project, the better chance you have of closing the sale.

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