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Direct Mail

Direct Mail Advertising

You receive wholesale pricing by purchasing direct mail through our network.

You also get free direct mail systems and ad copy written by the most successful painting contractors in the country. Use what the pros have been doing for years to get ahead in your marketplace.

Past Customer Rewards Program

A recent study reveals this obvious truth:

Your past customers are your most valuable asset as a painting contractor.

With Painter Marketing Tool, you will implement an automated direct mail system, guaranteeing that your business stays in the front of your past customers’ minds each and every month.

Your past customers will know just how much you value them and 2 vital things will happen:

  • Past customers will call you for future work and your repeat business will increase dramatically.
  • Past customers will be incentivized into referral machines—telling everyone they know about your painting services.

Fusion Marketing Systems

You get a powerful cross-marketing system that allows you to team up with complimentary local businesses to generate new leads at a very low cost.

You will have a system in place that gets local real estate agents, property managers and non-competing residential contractors recommending your services.

Proximity Systems

You obtain a proven system focused on when and how to target additional homes near your current jobsites.

You leverage each landed job to generate the maximum number of new proximity leads.

Direct Mail Network (Personal & Professional Associations)

You get a direct mail system that helps you effortlessly tap into your personal and professional networks to increase business.

You benefit from all your associations—from your local chamber of commerce to your collegiate alumni network.

Direct Mail Blast (New Neighborhood)

You get a proven system for using direct mail to become the leading painting contractor in target neighborhoods.

You learn which demographic information is most critical in buying your list.

You have copy-writing and design done for you that works in letters and postcards.

Strategic Planning

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